Irwin The Baby Aligator
  • "Xena", The nicest Ball Python you'll ever meet
  • A Blue-Tongue Skink
  • A King Snake
  • A Yellow Corn Snake
  • A Red and White Corn Snake named "Candy Cane"
  • Two Leopard Geckos, "Stewie" and "Norm"
  • A Fat Tailed Gecko
  • A Leopard Tortoise named "Buttercup"
  • A Red Footed Tortoise named "Shortcake"
  • A New Guienea Snake Neck Turtle, really wierd!
  • A cute American Alligator baby, but won't be for long
  • "Clunky" the Spur Thigh Tortoise
  • A beautiful orange and red corn snake named "Tangerine".
  • "Sunrise and Sunset" are a couple of Bearded Dragons
  • Many other assorted aquatic turtles
  • A Giant Cane Toad
  • A Pixie Frog(slimy! cool!)
  • Some Fire Belly Toads
  • The White's Tree Frogs are always a crowd favorite. You'll have to see why
  • Rosie the Rabbit
  • Sir lance-a-lot the Hedgehog (get it?)
  • Bozzly and Suzy-Q are Guienea Pigs.
  • "Vinny","Tilly", and "Petie" are Chinchillas and are the softest critters you'll ever pet. Sooo Cute!
  • A few silly mice named "Moo", "Creamsicle", and "Golden Girl".
  • "Sir Lance-a-lot" the nicest Albino Hedgehog.
  • "Shivers", the Hairless Rat, "Baby" her daughter, and don't forget "Aunt Oreo"!
  • Two cute Cockatiels named "Orville and Wilber"
  • Three BIG chickens named "Smoothie", "Amber", and "Sweetie Pie"
  • Gentle and pretty Tangerine Ring-neck Doves. They will perch on you!
  • Indian Runner Ducks. Imagine web-footed bowling pins.
  • "Mable" a really great Turkey
Creepy Crawlies
  • A Giant Black Millipedes(8-10" long wow!)
  • A Rose Hair Tarantula
  • Some Giant Madagascar Hissing Roaches. Have you ever seen live bugs used as jewelry? Now you can.

All Mark's Ark animals are SAFE and PEOPLE FRIENDLY.


Many of the Mark's Ark animals are adopties. They were animals that were either poorly treated, or well cared for pets that had owners who were unable to care for them anymore