About Mark's Ark

Mark's Ark, based in Harlan, Indiana brings wild things to parties, schools, senior centers and all kinds of special events. The new business, owned and operated by Mark Kohlhorst, presents a variety of critters and an entertaining show for many kinds of events. Mark presents animals in a hands-on, friendly presentation with humor and taste and assures that all animals are safe and handled appropriately. Mark has a great sense of humor and looks the part of an animal handler in his safari clothes and wide-brimmed, outback style hat.

A few of the critters in his menagerie include larger docile snakes, lizards, large tortoises, a hedgehog, some creepy-crawly eight-inch millipedes; as well as toads, frogs, and birds. All are gentle and people friendly, and are well supervised by Mark, who has handled all types of animals for most of his life. "I have animals in my program that range from barnyard varieties to the exotic. That would include two African natives: a ball python from the equatorial jungle, and a Sulcatta, a large tortoise from the North African desert. "The program also includes birds and small reptiles and amphibians native to exotic locations around the world. Mark states that "kids seem to really enjoy all the animals, but particularly like Lance the hedgehog." Mark says he can curl into a tight little ball when disturbed, and remains that way, like a living pincushion. They are often sold as pets, but need some explanation as to how to care for them. Mark's lively and humorous program lasts an hour. Requests for more or less time can be accommodated.

Originally appeared in the East Allen Courier, May 2006